Technological installations
for industry and the tertiary sector

Design, build, install and manage. These are the activities Nordimpianti is known for, a company that possesses international experience in the installation, industrial and tertiary sector.

Nordimpianti is part of the Caraglio Group, founded based on the company synergies active as of 1970 in the industrial plant engineering sector.

Nordimpianti has achieved very high levels of experience and reliability in designing and building fluid system installations focussing constantly on research for the maximum integration between industrial context, customer’s needs, selection of professional figures and new market demands. Nordimpianti’s company mission is the same as the Caraglio Group’s: to offer customers a single, reliable source with a high technological and operational profile, able to supply “turnkey” industrial installations in any part of the world.

Nordimpianti possesses cutting edge technological knowledge for designing and creating industrial installations in many sectors: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, electronic, electromechanical, graphics-publishing and glass.

  • Textile

    In this sector it is fundamental to optimise productivity through a perfect management of machinery and it is indispensable to ensure very high fire-fighting standards.

  • Food industry

    The project and the components employed must absolutely ensure product health safety.

  • Glass

    The high temperatures that play a part and the continuous production cycle require very high reliability, and absolutely “dedicated” designing and creation.

  • Publishing

    In addition to the problems due to continuous cycle processing, maximum safety needs to be taken into account as well as fire prevention, obtained with the use of panels in overpressure.

  • Mechanical

    Heavy industry needs strength and power with no compromises. The construction of 30 MW electrical substations and stations is part of our expertise.

  • Chemistry

    It is necessary to ensure precise measurements, dosages and adjustments, and an uninterrupted energy supply, including with the use of static and rotary uninterruptible power supplies.

  • Energy

    The fundamental need in this sector is the continuousness and certainty of delivered energy. A condition that our company creates through installations complete with control and monitoring systems, including in particularly demanding geographic and logistical situations. The company’s experience includes designing and building medium and high voltage electrical substations and stations.

  • Ecology and waste water treatment

    Our expertise in this sector ranges from water purification systems (from making water potable to the supply of ultrapure water for industrial use), including incinerators and biomass treatment for the production of energy.

  • Tertiary

    Nordimpianti is specialised in designing and building of air conditioning and fire-fighting systems for offices, shopping centers, retail outlets of major chains, management offices and airports.

  • Telecommunications

    To ensure uninterrupted service even in difficult and extreme environmental conditions it is not sufficient to rely on efficient equipment: it is indispensable to combine technology with high quality integrated installations, guaranteed by Caraglio Group’s great experience in this sector.

  • Infrastructures

    Ports, tunnels and airports where uninterrupted service and the safety of people are non-negotiable elements. The Caraglio Group selects high quality equipment, but also handles a perfect coordination of the installations with proper management of information through automation and supervision systems.

Nordimpianto offers the customer a single source for designing and on-site installation of the system with specialised workers and documented and tested equipment.

The heart of the project originates at Nordimpianti’s headquarters in Alba where the designing phase and prefabrication of the installations takes place which will achieve their final form at the construction site. The personnel that works at the construction sites is composed of highly qualified technicians-pipe fitters, metal workers, mechanics, crane operators and welders: independent technical teams equipped with equipment that makes it possible to meet all construction site needs. On-site equipment can be created for boilers and components, medium and heavy metal working, gantries, prefabrication of pipe-lines and construction of skids.

All of the manufactured equipment is built according to the protocols
and standards required by the ISPESL, RINA, DIN and ANSI acceptance testing.

Nordimpianti designs and builds

  • • Heating and cooling systems
  • • Compressed air plants and networks
  • • Air conditioning systems
  • • Fire-fighting systems
  • • District heating systems and cogeneration power plants
  • • Water pumping and treatment systems 
  • • Storage and distribution systems for liquid and solid materials
  • • Equipment and machinery assembly 
  • • Distribution networks: for fluids and steam - superheated water - diathermic oil - solvents, technical gases and methane - technological and demineralised water - chemicals

Nordimpianti builds the following in-house

  • • Skid
  • • Pipe-line
  • • Boilers
  • • Mixers
  • • Dissolvers
  • • Components for machines
  • • Supporting metal structural work for industrial installations

All of the Caraglio Group companies comply with the best certifications and homologations at an international level.

Nordimpianti è certificata

  • UNI_EN ISO 9001: 2015

    PED 2014\68\VE